All my new and funky projects

Classic Rock

My personal favourite genre of music is celebrated in this poster. 

Classic Rock Alphabet

The alphabet in classic rock groups.

Yellow Submarine

A playful poster that was inspired by the Beatles tune. A bright yellow background perfectly frames the porthole, that features a classical oil painting of the bright green sea and a calming blue sky. 

A Yellow Background with a porthole that reveals an oil like painted green sea and bright blue sky, with the words We All Live in a Yellow Submarine around the porthole

Prisimflame Creations

A project in which I created the logo, created a wireframe and built a website.  I included the style tile here, so that you might get a look into my web design process.


A branding and identity project for a small business specializing in organic bath products.  I enjoyed bringing the organic feel to their logo in a clean and simple way.

Clean & Yummy

I created a logo, style guide and  website for a domestic services company.  I choose to go with a clean and san serif font for the logo to convey the creativity and fun that the company brings to the service industry.