"Do You Believe In Magic?"...
All about who I am and what I do.

So you want to know the designer behind the horns

     I’m a passionately driven designer inspiring creative magic.


Hi there, I’m Satyr.

     He / They please 🙏  When I’m not designing you can usually find me jamming out to my favourite music, taking in a magic show or enjoying nature. I am as passionate about my work as I am about my  love of music, magic and nature.  My posters are often inspired by music and magic. 

     I specialize in branding services, posters and illustrations. My designs and illustrations tend to lean on the fantastical side. My work is always whimsical, playful, and unique. I am a bold designer and self-starter, dedicated to making sure that my branding designs always reflect the soul of the company. 

      I have a passion for the blossoming Cannabis Industry.  And you can find all my Cannabis related work here.

     I love to come up with out -of -the -box solutions to unique design problems. I charge a flat fee of $150 per project, with a $50 consultation fee up front that will be credit toward the project cost after consultation. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, you can do so here.


You're probably here to see what I can do

And what some of my clients have to say

"I have had work done by Satyric Designs. I love their attention, productivity, creativity and with affordable pricing and terms. It worked well with our budget"
Andrew Voyer
Entrepreneur and Hypnotherapist
"Satyr works well with the expectations and guidelines given. He works in a timely manner and regularly communicates, ensuring satisfaction."
Dennis Delpier
Owner of Prisimflame Creations

You can connect with me here

(517) 939-9845 or you can click here